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​​​​Welcome to the Santa Maria Kennel Club website! 

We are located on the sunny Central Coast of California.  The SMKC is a non-profit group dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of the pure bred dog.  The SMKC hosts AKC sanctioned events each year:  one Breed/Obedience Dog Show, one Obedience/Rally Trial, one Breed/Obedience Match and two Agility Trials.  On this website, you can find information about the SMKC, dog shows, pet supplies, and community events that the SMKC hosts, like classes for Conformation Handling, Obedience, and Rally Obedience.  The SMKC sponsors Obedience classes through our trainers year round.  The trainers contact information and class schedules can be found on the Community Event page.

About SMKC:

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Santa Maria Kennel Club

Santa Maria Kennel Club

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